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Our solutions for rooftop solar plants

Solutions Financial Models Main Points
Rooftop Solar
  • myZTRIC
  • Collateral Free Loan
  • 100kW to 5MW
  • High Safety Standards
  • 25 years AMC Plan
Captivate Ground Mounted
  • Collateral Free Loan
  • 500kW to 5MW
  • 25 years AMC Plan
  • Single Axis Trackers for High energy generation
Solar Park – Open Access Power
  • Collateral Free Loan
  • 1MW to 25MW
  • High Energy Generation Sites
Peace of Mind-AMC Service
  • Generation Based AMC
  • In house team for AMC
  • Sites from 50kW to 5MW under AMC
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our solutions for rooftop solar plants

  • Buy and own your ZTRIC system today
  • System Size: 30 kW to 1 MW
  • Install the system today
  • Make monthly payments
  • Buy the system at a pre-agreed price when you are ready
  • System Size: 40 kW to 200 kW
  • Pay a security deposit
  • Sign a 15 or 20 year power purchase agreement
  • System Size: 200 kW to 1 MW
Asset Owner Customer ZTRIC, until the customer buys the system ZTRIC
Customer Benefits
  • Electricity cost savings
  • Green energy
  • Accelerated depreciation and / or subsidies
  • Partial Investment
  • Flexible buyout option
  • Generation based payment
  • No investment
Customer Investment 100% Minimum: 30% Maximum: No Limit 10%
Customer Credit Appraisal Not Required Required (Verification to be done by ZTRIC) Required (Credit Rating: BBB and above)
AMC Plan Options Not Included AMC included for the PPA term AMC Included
Best Suited For Residential/Commercial Industrial Residential / SME’s / Institutes / Hospitals Industrial


Flexible Customer Pricing

From zero upfront cost to fully purchasing your own system, our flexible customer pricing gives you a variety of options to choose from.

Environmentally Friendly

By going green, you are helping our planet. Earn ‘green karma’ and help leave a better planet for future generations.

ZTRICare Included

You enjoy clean, green electricity while we do the rest. Warranty and maintenance is included for all plans for the term of your contract.

Discounted Rates

Our PPA model allows you to buy electricity from us just like you do today from your utility company. Our rates are typically 10% – 20% cheaper.

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