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We, at Japfa Comfeed India Private Limited, are delighted to share our experience with ZTRIC India Pvt. Ltd. for the installation of our 44 kWp solar power plant. ZTRIC’s exceptional installation quality and outstanding operation and maintenance service have truly impressed us.
The entire process, from conceptualization to execution, was handled with utmost professionalism and expertise by the ZTRIC team. The installation was carried out seamlessly, and their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the project. The solar power plant was set up with precision, ensuring optimal energy generation and efficiency.
We have been immensely satisfied with the operation and maintenance service provided by ZTRIC. Their team has been vigilant in monitoring the plant’s performance, promptly addressing any issues that arise. Their proactive approach has minimized downtime and maximized our energy output, resulting in significant cost savings for our organization.
ZTRIC’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made this collaboration a resounding success. The 44 kWp solar power plant has not only contributed to our sustainability goals but has also strengthened our position as an environmentally responsible company.
We wholeheartedly recommend ZTRIC India Pvt. Ltd. to anyone seeking reliable and efficient solar solutions. Their expertise, professionalism, and excellent service have made them a trusted partner in our journey towards greener and cleaner energy.

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